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March 2 War: 1st July Shavington Social Club

War will be marching on Shavington once again this year! The Purple Sparkly Unicorns (blame Andy Bryan…) are presenting March to War 2: March 2 War (can you see what they did there?!)

Here is head Unicorn Craig Chesters with all the details:

The purple sparkly unicorns present March 2 war. (See what we did there!!!)

This will be a one day age of sigmar event on the 1st July at Shavington Social Club starting at 10:30 am. The postal address is 116 Crewe Rd, Shavington, Crewe CW2 5DL

There will be 3 games at 1500 points with the scenarios given to you on the day…

The winner will be decided by the following method :

Game Results, Favourite Game Votes, Scenario points accrued during the event.

We have listened to the feedback about kill points and agree the scenario points encourage you to play the battleplan.

There will be trophies for first, second and third, Best painted and of course the most important award most sparkliest Unicorn.

Prior to the event we will placing a t shirt order for anyone who wants to join the unicorns.

The price this time will be £10 (too extravagant I hear you cry!) but will include food!!! We are hoping to sell out again and have about 20 places.

All scenery will be provided and you will need the following:
•A 1500 point fully painted army built using the generals handbook and using the battlehost format to build your list.
•A copy of your army list needs to be emailed to the organisers, or uploaded to the Best Coast Player app, and a copy (physical or digital) to show your opponent.
•A tape measure
•The warscrolls you are using

And most importantly your sparkliest t shirt!


Any questions email

We had a brilliant time at the first event in March this year, and was great to see so many armies from the local area! Managed to put my Duaghters of Khaine through their paces on release weekend – and this time I will be bringing a chariot heavy Hosts of Slaanesh list and fellow Sprewer Dave will be rolling Stormcast! We will of course be covering the event, check out what happened last time below! Make sure to let Craig know if you want a slot as places are super limited!

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