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Warhammer Citadel Grand Opening!

Games Workshop fans over in the United States, we now have the date for the grand opening of the brand new Warhammer Citadel!

On the 9th and 10th of June, Warhammer Citadel will be finally opening it’s doors in Texas giving our American friends a taste of what us Brits currently get at Warhammer World in Nottingham! The new store will have all the usual store opening goodies such as the limited release Primaris captain!


The store will be stocking Forge World products and even store exclusives not found anywhere else in the world!

Games Workshop will also be holding their first Warhammer Expo in October not far from The Citadel! This sounds like it is going to be what people have wanted for a while, a mini Warhammer Fest in America! Even better the tickets will be completely free and available just to new hobbyists or those who have earned their Master of Recruits achievement as part of the store Cruisader Campaign!

This is great news for you guys who are on the other side of the world as Warhammer World and I’m sure will quickly become a hub of hobby activity!!


  1. It’s a good start, but the US is so big that they really need more for decent coverage. I’m more likely to fly to UK than visit Texas.


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