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Massive news from GAMA – Kill Team, Doom Lords, Van Saar, New Shadespire Gangs, New Modular Terrain and Idoneth Deepkin all on the way soon!

Wow! We have just got the mother of all info dumps from Games Workshop about loads of upcoming products from the GAMA trade show!

Kicking off, we have a brand new version of Kill Team!

Looks like this is a brand new ruleset (It’s not using the existing 40k rules!) and will be specially tailored to people who like roleplaying games with a hyper detailed ruleset allowing for customisation and the evolution of your own elite warband from any of the 40k factions!

This will be coming alongside a brand new range of modular scenery made by the guys who did the fantastic Sector Mechanicus stuff! (We actually get a teaser of it in the trailer – I’ve grabbed a screenshot for a better look!)


But that’s not all coming our way from the 41st Millenium – for the next gang for Necromunda have been revealed – The Van Saar!

These look absolutely fantastic, and I cant wait to see them on the tabletop!

It’s not just 40k that has been given attention though, as we have finally seen the next two Shadespire gangs!

Magore’s Fiends (featuring a plastic Flesh Hound!!)…

…and The Farstriders!

I especially can’t wait to try our the Chaos Warband, and am excited to see what new cards we get in these sets!

And talking of Chaos we are getting a brand new team for Bloodbowl featuring Beastmen and Chaos Chosen! The Doom Lords!

These guys look ace and their rules will be coming in a brand new Blood Bowl supplement “Spike Magazine” this will feature new teams, new star players and even (Rather randomly) columns from Agony Uncle Lord Borak! We will also be getting a brand new season of Blitzmania, allowing you the chance to win some prizes! Best get cracking on that Goblin team I have in my to do pile!

But the final, and possibly most exciting teaser we had was the confirmation of what everyone had been waiting for since their mention in the Daughters of Khaine book – The Idoneth Deepkin!


In a week’s time we have AdeptiCon, and I suspect we will be seeing a deeper look at all this stuff then!

Check out the Warhammer Community post for all the news from today’s unveiling!


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