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Adeptus Titanicus Update

Over on Reddit their had been a slight update regarding the state of Adeptus Titanicus.

We spoke to one of the designers during the Open Day of which we covered in our last podcast.

The update can be found in the image below:


Due to the quality of the image please find below the text in the answer:

I can only say what I know!

The game was indeed good to go – the rules have been written for just about a year now, I was going through final edits just before we broke up for Christmas last year. However! Due to the success of Blood Bowl (which came out in November last year), there was a lot of last-minute deliberating. The game had originally been intended as a small-scale (in more ways than one) resin-only production run, something truly specialist; the same sort of people who play 30k and buy those whopping great leather-bound Horus Heresy books with the metal corners that you could legitimately use to kill a man. That’s how the game was designed – the rules are a bit more complex than the average, a bit more in-depth (but still approachable – that was the knife-edge I had to walk!).

Once Blood Bowl was out and the forecasting team saw that “small”, “niche” products could do crazily well, they realised they had to go bigger. Resin was out, plastic was in! Problem is, that’s not a quick and easy job. Due to SCIENCE and TECHNICAL REASONS, the plastic casting process is a lot more complex than resin, and has a lot more limitations – so the miniatures had to be redesigned from the ground up (retooling the Warlord took 2-3 months, if I recall). There were loads of other things that had to change, too – just boring logistical stuff, really.

So yeah, it got pushed back. We actually showed the game off back in February at the Horus Heresy weekender (decent write-up here, thinking it wouldn’t be too long before it came out, then it got pushed back again for other reasons (40k 8th edition grabbed a lot of the release schedule).

So I’m not entirely sure when it’s gonna be out. I’m half-certain that each time I say the words “Adeptus Titanicus” out loud, they push the release date back another month; another part of me is starting to think that, should the game ever be released, the ninth seal will shatter and the dominion of man shall crumble.

So, like… soon, maybe?

(On the plus side, a later release date means more sculpting time, which means more minis available at or soon after release. Trust me, that’s a good thing. I can’t wait to see it when it all comes out!)

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