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Orlocks & Gang War 2 Updates

This afternoon over on Games Workshop’s twitch channel they hosted an interview with designer Andy Hoare about the upcoming Orlock warband and subsequent book, Gang War 2. My thanks to War of Sigmar for the low down on what was discussed.

Let us have a quick peak:

Orlocks stats will reflect the fact they are you everyday humans.
For those who will be looking at converting their own gang, the Genestealer Cultist sprues will be compatible with the Orlocks.
It was confirmed that we will be getting rules for Chaos Cultists and Genestealer Cultists via a White Dwarf article in the future, probably not to far behind the release of Gang War 2.
Page 5 in the Gang War 2 book is being kept a secret. Perhaps a peak at the next gang perhaps? Maybe new terrain?

The Harpoon Launcher can be used to hit and pull an enemy towards you. Hate to be on the receiving end of that!

The book goes on to introduce Hanger-Ons and Hired Guns.

Inspired by supporting cast of Blood Bowl, such as the referees, cheerleaders and managers, they will provide a helping hand to your gang in various ways. Expect Docs, Cooks and Scouts.
They don’t fight unless you are attacked inside your den.

Hive scum can be brought into your gang for missions, although they come at quite a cost, however they can be equipped in multiple ways.
Their will be named characters with set load-outs. These can’t be customized but give you a good idea of how to create your own.

It was confirmed that their won’t be any new missions within the book, however their will be new perils in the depths of the Underhive to worry about and to expand the mission types that can currently be played.

The new tiles will have their own set of perils and rules.
An Ambush type mission will be published in White Dwarf for use with the Badzone Delta boards where you will need to escort a ganger to an extraction point.

We will be likely see the  first upgrade sprues before the end of the first quarter of next year.

The line-up for next year is looking like this:

  • Q1: Orlocks
  • Q2: Van Saar
  • Q3: Cawdor
  • Q4: Delaque

In Gang War 3 we shall see the Trading Post which will introduce the rules for a large number of Imperial weapons.

Following the release of Gang War 3 we shall apparently see rules for making a gang made up of Bounty Hunters.

And that about wraps this up! Very exciting stuff! Are you looking forward to the new stuff? Let us know!

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