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The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth – PC/VR Game Revealed

Steel Wood Studios have lifted the lid on a new title set during The Horus Heresy. Titled ‘Betrayal at Calth’, this turn based action title is coming to PC, and more interestingly VR, making this the first game to give gamers the chance to see battle through the eyes of a marine.

Based loosely from the box game of the same name, it’ll be the Ultramarines Vs the Word Bearers. The studio have pointed out that you will be battling it out alongside all of your favourite units, such as Dreadnoughts. While the initial Early Access won’t include the option to play as various units, they are looking to introduce this feature before the full release.

The game goes up for Early Access next year, with the studio commenting that the cost will be lower than the full retail price once the game is complete. Initially Act One will be available to play with Acts 2 through to 5 becoming playable further down the line, much like episodic games.

The ability to customise your marine will also feature during the Early Access period, however not at launch. Multiplayer PvP has been promised.

While the aesthetics of the Warhammer universe are all there, visually, based on the screenshots so far, the title does look a little dated, however these are very Early shots of the game so it would be unfair to judge. I’m looking forward to see the gameplay mechanics in action and to hear more about the VR mode.

You can check out the trailer at this link. Betrayal at Calth can be viewed on the Steam Store in preparation for its Early Access. What do you think of this new title? Excited to experience the Warhammer universe in VR? Let us know in the comments or via one of our social media channels.

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