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Forge World news from Warhammer Live!

Tony Cottrell joined Martin on Warhammer Live today with a few snippets of exciting news about what is on the way from Forge World!

The full stream is on Twitch if you are a subscriber, but here are some gems that he talked about!

Next year we will be getting 2 new Primarchs for Horus Heresy! (The Lion and Sanguinious maybe?)

Angelis will be out next year

Fires of Cyrixus will be out next year (was hoping to see this at the open day myself)

The next few months will see red scorpions and space wolves along with the new Primaris super heavy (up for sale at the open day!)

The next book out will be the Horus Heresy rulebook (essentially 40k 7.1)

Forge World will be doing a range of Imperial Armour books to cover all factions and cover the units in the indexes in greater detail – the first book will be Space Marines

In the second half of next year we will see a lot more Age of Sigmar stuff from the forge world studio – they are currently putting together a team dedicated to this!

Tony wants to bring back the Chaos War Mammoth, they are just having a few issues with the model

Any model has the potential to come back, either as a new kit or a recasting of the original

Necromunda will be talked about a lot more next month, lots of videos and content on the way from them!

In summary, we should see some cool stuff at the Open Day and next year sounds like it’s going to be all kids of awesome!!


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