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Blightwar – New boxed set out 2/9

So we have some more details on “Blightwar” and it turns out its a new Age of Sigmar starter set featuring a Stormcast Vanguard force facing off against Nurgle Daemons!

As well as a huge pile of miniatures we also get two new characters, including my new favourite model – Horticulous Slimux


For the Stormcast we get the leading lady of the box – Neave Blacktalon of the Knights-Zephyros


In addition to models we also get some new allegiance abilities including a new mechanic featuring Nurgle’s cycle of renewal and decay, which looks reminiscent of the Tallyman’s buffs!


I’m a huge fan of all things Nurgle, as those of you on our Instagram will know, so very excited to pick these up to add to my force! And I’m sure fellow Spruer Dave will be making some Stormcast re-enforcements!

We will be doing a full unboxing video and some battle reports once the set is out, but until then check out the full unveiling on Warhammer Community!

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