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Dave’s Tyranids [An 8th Edition Project Introduction] #0

Welcome to a short introduction to this…my project log for a new army I’m building up as we delve into the 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Normally I can be seen taking some kind of Imperial army to the table, although I do have a fairly large Tau army too. The Deathwatch have been my most recently used force, backed up by Imperials Agents. I’m a massive fan of Inquisitors, both in gameplay terms and in regards to the lore (explains why I purchased the limited edition version of the Vaults of Terra!).

However, with 8th edition round the corner, and with the creation of this website I figured ‘hey! you know what would be cool? I’ll start a new army!’. My wallet hasn’t stopped weeping yet.

So by now, if the featured image, sneakily pinched from the Warhammer Community website, hadn’t given it away I’ve decided for a Tyranid force. With a large mix of very cool miniatures ranging from behemoths such as the Hive Tyrants to the creepy Genestealers, not to mention a totally different play style, I figured they’d be a great force to go for. The upcoming changes to combat and such sounds like the Tyranids could be a very entertaining army to fight with.

Now, I’m known among my friends for not painting much of my armies, it isn’t an element of the game I particularly enjoy if I’m quite honest, however after building 3 Warriors, along with a couple of brushes and some paint, I’ve found them fairly easy to paint to a standard I’m quite happy with. No, they won’t win Golden Demons, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve painted so far.


The only photo I currently have of my three model Tyranid swarm!

So with that, I’m going to call an end to this introduction. My plan is to keep you updated as the swarm grows. Hopefully they bring me many victories, and more importantly, I hope the inclusion of this log will stop me from getting too far ahead of myself and try to not get to far behind with my painting!


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