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Site Under Construction!

Welcome to Sprues and Brews!

The site is well and truly open for viewing, with our videos so far going down well, but I wouldn’t say the website is at it’s 100% operational capacity yet!

Behind the scenes the site is still finding its feet, so you may find post, pages and menus moving about, perhaps the odd colour change…among other things. We’ve got lots of ideas and features we’ll be playing with over the coming weeks.

Have any ideas you’d like to share to help the site shine? Perhaps you’re thinking ‘aw man, I miss they change that/do this/do that’… Whatever your thoughts why not let us know via one of our social channels, or simply add a comment to this post.

Put the kettle on, grab your hobby clippers and prepare your dice. Let the adventure begin!

Love From
The Sprues & Brews Team

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