The Lion Approaches? Dark Angels Rumours

Thanks to the seminar at the Blood and Glory event a few days ago we now know that the next two 40k Codex releases will the Dark Angels and the Blood Angels.

These two armies are a little under powered now compared to the Ultramarines and other ‘general’ marine armies, so it makes sense for these two popular forces to have books to bring them up to date.

With all upcoming releases, the rumour mill starts turning!

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Primaris Super Heavy Priced

We reported a little while ago about the revealed Primaris Super Heavy tank coming soon from Forge World.

This thing is massive, and with it coming from Forge World I was expecting and very high price tag.

Well, according to various sources online the price is going to be £220.

Now, If this is correct, then that’s not too bad. Of course, it’s still quite a few pennies, but considering other prices on models on Forge World this seems pretty fair.

What do you think? Over priced? Preordering one as soon as it appears online? Let us know your thoughts!

Shadespire FAQS

Warhammer Community have just posted the first round of FAQs for Shadespire!

Download FAQs

Good to see clarifications come out so soon after the core game, and looking forward to seeing continued support for the system!

Fellow Sprues and Brews member Dave has ordered the Sepulcheral Guard, and will be facing off against my Khorne force over on YouTube as soon as he has them!