Next Week’s Preorders and a 40K Preview!

It’s that time when we look at what we can preorder next week…but before that… Hot on the heels of Saturday’s Dominion day Warhammer Preview which saw some tasty Stormcast […]

Tale of Sprues: The First Month!

We launched Tale of Sprues a month ago, inviting our community to record there hobby exploits throughout the month, as well as charting our own hobby updates. Want to get […]

Podcast: Episode 144 | Warhammer+

So we now know the full details regarding the brand new subscription service launching from Games Workshop, Warhammer+. We discuss all the elements of what you get for your monthly […]

Podcast: Episode 142 | Dominion!

We are super happy to report that we have a copy of Dominion, the 3rd edition Warhammer Age of Sigmar launch box in our hands! This week’s show focuses on […]