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Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer & Sicaran Venator Tank Unboxings | Horus Heresy Plastic Tank Unboxing

Both of these tanks are available to preorder right now via Element Games! Use this link to save money VS RRP!

I’m bringing you not one, but TWO Horus Heresy tank unboxings!

Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

A Lord of War choice for your Heresy armies, this tank eats other tanks for breakfast!

A really fun kit to build. If you have already built one of the new plastic Spartans you’ll know what to expect. The different top pieces however really make the tank stand apart from the Spartan, as well as the new side pieces which go over the doorways.

You can check out the unboxing and showcase below!

Fancy seeing some shots of the tank all finished? (Well, except some touch up around the transfers!).

Sicaran Venator Tank

Again, available in plastic for the first time we have the Venator type Sicaran, which ditches the turrent on the top and instead piles in a Neutron Laser!

Again, much like the above, if you have built one of the plastic Sicarans before then you’ll know what to expect!

Very fun to build with no issues. Now I just need to spray the bits I missed and get painting!

You can check out the unboxing below:

And finally see some shots below (sadly I didn’t get round to painting this one, but will be this coming week!).

I really need to get another Heresy game going!

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