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Warcrow – A Brand New Fantasy IP from Corvus Belli

Corvus Belli, the company behind the fantastic Infinity sci-fi tabletop skirmish game recently brought their latest product to Kickstarter (back in October 2022) – Warcrow Adventures. Today we have learnt that the Pledge Manager has finally opened allowing both those that backed during the original Kickstarter campaign and those who missed out a chance to order a copy of Warcrow Adventures with varying pledge levels available (more on this below).

But that’s not all, Corvus Belli have also announced that they will be releasing a brand new line of products, including a fantasy wargame, set in the same universe. Like their existing Infinity game the company intend to release detailed miniatures for fans to collect that feature Corvus Belli’s own interpretation of the classic fantasy orc, elf, human and dwarf races amongst others unique to the Warcrow universe. You can get a feel for the kind of quality miniatures that may be heading our way by looking at some of the images for their Warcrow Adventures game.

What we know so far is that Warcrow the wargame is set to be published later this year with monthly releases of new miniatures and content alongside and there will be some elements of crossover between the upcoming dungeon crawler.

What is Warcrow Adventures?

Warcrow Adventures is a 1-4 player narrative dungeon crawler set in Corvus Belli’s brand new fantasy universe. The game will feature detailed miniatures to repesent the player’s heroes and the enemies they will face in addition to an ‘App’ that will act as a sort of ‘Dungeon Master’ to provide quests and help guide players through the story. We’re big fans of Corvus Belli’s Infinity game and I am very excited to get Warcrow Adventures to the table (yes…I’ve already backed it!). You can head over to the official Warcrow Adventures website to learn more about the game.

Pledge Manager Details

If you head over the Pledge Manager you’ll also be able to check out the different options available to order. These range from the Core Pledge which includes the base game and all unlocked stretch goals from the original campaign to the All-in Pledge with includes several expansions and gameplay extras such as dice trays and extra miniatures.

In addition there are a variety of optional extras such as metal versions fo the game’s five core heroes to the Thunderous Gust Dragon metal miniature! The Pledge Manager will be open between April 3rd to June 6th.

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