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Hobby Goals March Update 2023

March has come and gone and with that it is time for another hobby update, below in Green is the hobby goal I was able to complete in March.

March was one of those tough months between doing night shifts and real life stuff sadly I did not hobby as much as I wanted to as I was only able to paint some scenery which is still a good goal to do as I imagine a lot of war gamers have some scenery that has been sat on the shelf for a while like me and with my love of kill team being at an all time high where better to start than the Gallowdark. This was one of my goals I set myself last month.

In total I have painted 9 wall sections, all 16 wall pillars, 8 barricades, 2 generators and all 36 ( I think ) pillar toppers for the Into the Dark scenery box which is not all the scenery in the box but enough for me to look at it and think “I have have completed that hobby goal”. I am looking to play a lot more kill team in the future and getting this scenery painted will make the games look a lot better especially with a fully painted kill team as well although I am not looking forward to painting up another set for boarding actions any time soon.

With that out of the way my other goals I set myself from last month were to paint 19 models to bring my yearly total to 50, sadly I was not even close to doing this having painted a grand total of 0 models in March other than scenery which sadly is what it is, sometimes it is actually better to have a small break.

And lastly my last goal from last month was to paint a 1,000 Warcry war band which again sadly I did not do, I was even meant to go to the warcry event at Warhammer World on the 18th March but sadly due to car troubles on the day of the event I wasn’t able to make it, I do have a ticket to the warcry event at Warhammer Fest in Manchester at the end of the month so I need to get a war band sorted for that event.

To round off this hobby update I am going to set myself some goals for the end of April =

  • Get a 1,000 point warcry war band painted for Warhammer fest ( a bespoke war band ).
  • Paint at least 3 Marvel Crisis Protocol models.
  • Start building some Horus Heresy models.

Lets see how I get on next month.

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