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Para Bellum Interview – Conquest The Last Argument of Kings

Have you had the urge to play a wargame of blocks of ranked troops, but with alternating activations and an interesting take on deployment based on unit type using a deck of cards? Well Conquest The Last Argument of Kings by Para Bellum might be the game for you!

We recently sat down with Leandros Mavrokefalos from Para Bellum to chat about their games, discussing both fictional and actual history, background, lore and how the games play. We also learned about the new City States and the recently released Two Player Starter Set featuring both the City States and the Nords!

If you would like to check out the game (and help out the site) why not order your Conquest miniatures through the Para Bellum Website and use code SPRUES10 to save yourself 10%?

Check out the full interview below or over on YouTube

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