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Hobby Goals February Update 2023

With another month out of the way comes another hobby goal update below you can see in green what I was able to do in February.

To kick things off I was able to paint up a named character for Warhammer 40k that my fellow co-host Matt bought me for Christmas … Kharn the Betrayer !

This year for Warhammer 40k I’d love to get a World Eaters army done, maybe not to 2,000 points but large enough to take a few different lists to a couple of local incursion (1,000 point games ) events in my local area and where better to start than Kharn himself. Chaos space marine models have a huge amount of detail on them compared to regular space marines and Kharn really does have a lot of hidden details that I missed the first time round and had to go back over but he was a dream to paint and I am a sucker for anything Khorne.

Painting Kharn the Betrayer up completes one of my goals that I set myself in Januarys hobby update.

I also set myself the goal of painting at least 15 models to bring the total number of models painted this year to 25, I am happy to say that I also completed this goal by painting up quite a few models for both Marvel Crisis Protocol and Kill Team bringing the total amount of models painted this year to 31.

I’m slowly working my way through the Marvel Crisis Protocol core set and who better to start with than Iron Man and Spider man who are my favourite characters from the set, adding these heroes to my collection along with Hulk and I have the beginning of the Avengers.

I also painted Red Skull from the core set who was super quick to paint and Kingpin who at first I was intimidated by as I do not like painting white but with the white scar spray paint and Soulblight Grey wash Kingpin was super simple to do.

Me and a friend of mine are also doing a kill team challenge (which I might do as a separate article) in February and with the Farstalker Kinband being 12 operatives that added a lot of painted models to February’s total, I’ve built the kill team for into the dark games choosing the scatterguns (shotguns) on my Kroot warriors rather than the Kroot rifles so I might need to pick up another box at some point so that I can run the Kroot in regular games of kill team but I’m super happy to have this team done.

The third goal I set myself was to start reading the Hobbit book as ashamedly I never have, I have watched the films like most people but never read the book, so far I’m only a chapter in but as you would imagine I’m loving it so far.

So to finish off what should be my goals for my next hobby goal update well I’d like to

  • Paint 19 models and bring my total up to 50.
  • Paint at least 1 scenery piece.
  • Paint a 1,000 point Warcry warband.

I feel very confident that I can get all these goals done for the next update let’s see if I do.

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