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Eldfall Chronicles : Northen Wind – Brand New Expansion and Dungeon Crawl Experience coming to Kickstarter!

In the spring of 2021 Freecompany, a new games development company founded by a group of friends, brought the fantastic Eldfall Chronicles game to Kickstarter and successfully secured funding. Their unique and exciting tabletop miniatures skirmish game is currently being delivered to their backers and can now also be ordered from their online store here for those that may have missed the original campaign!

We’re expecting our Kickstarter pledge to arrive any time now so expect to see an unboxing, updated review and some videos on our channels in the near future – if you can’t wait untill then you can always catch up on our original preview here!

But it seems Freecompany have been extremely busy since their original Kickstarter campaign ended, fleshing out the lore and background to the setting of their game, revising and updating their rules, producing new models and units for each of the factions (I recommend you check out their website to see what they have been up to) and engaging with their growing community via their very active Discord channel.

That’s not all however as today we learn what Freecompany have in store for the second chapter of Eldfall Chronicles and I have to say we are very excited! Eldfall Chronicles : Northen Wind is a brand new stand alone ‘Dungeon-crawler’ set in the same universe as their original skirmish miniatures game with solo, cooperative and PvP elements!

We don’t have too many details as of yet (you can learn more over on the Eldfall site) but it appears there will be some cross over between the two games in terms of mechanics and of course the gorgeous Eldfall miniatures.

It looks like the Kickstarter campaign will launch later this year and you can sign up to be notified – I also recommened subscribing to their newsletter and heading over to their Discord channel to keep up to date!

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