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Astra Militarum | Further Reinforcements | Castellan, Commissar, Attilan Rough Riders Unboxing & Showcase

All of the following Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum models are up for preorder right now! Save yourself some pennies and help us here at Sprues & Brews by preordering through our affiliates over at Element Games!

Thanks to Games Workshop we have been sent the next (and final) wave of Astra Militarum models. Those are the Cadian Castellan, a new Commissar and the Attilan Rough Riders! We’ve also got a Cadian Upgrade sprue full of options for your Shock Troops, as well as an alternative Tank Commander.

You can check out the unboxing video below:

Whilst building these models I picked up on a couple of things, which I’m going to try and cover here.

  • Cadian Upgrades: The Tank Commander on the sprue is designed for the Rogal Dorn Battle Tank. I did try it in on a Leman Russ, however sadly the turret hole is too large. There is potentially to use green stuff to make him fit.
  • Also on the Cadian Upgrade sprues are a Trooper kneeling down. He can be build as another Shock Trooper or, he can be built as a someone making tank repairs, kneeling down on the side of the tank. Again designed for the Rogal Dorn, it doesn’t look quite right on a Leman Russ. Looks pretty good on a Baneblade, though!
  • Finally on the Cadian upgrades…the trooper bits and bobs are designed to fit the new Shock Troops. I can confirm they look just a tad odd on the original Infantry Squad.
  • Cadian Castellan: I love how many options this guy has! I hope we continue to see a HQ for each army that you can have fun picking loadouts for. I went for a Powerfist and Laspistol, but other options include a Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, arm pointing, Chainsword. You also get three different heads too, I went for the one with the cool ‘tache.
  • Commissar: Only the one option here, he can be equipped with either a Chainsword or Power Sword. Just the one head and no alternative pose.
  • Attilan Rough Riders: Be wary of those lances, as they are a little thin! Take care when taking them off the sprues.

Sadly I have been under the effects of Nurgle, but I did manage to get all of the models assembled, and two of them had the painting treatment.

First of all I built the Attilan Rough Riders. These went together a treat and far easier than I anticipated. These are really detailed, with lots of additional bits on them, such as bags, grenades and other such essential wartime gear.

I didn’t get chance to paint these, however I did undercoat them with Mechanicus Standard Grey. I’m thinking of staying close to the box art on these guys. Really can’t wait to paint them!

I did however manage to paint two of the other models though, starting with the Commissar. I opted for the Chainsword for this gent.

I wanted to tie his Chainsword and Las Pistol in with the rest of the army, however I may change the colour of these. Sadly I didn’t get chance to finish his base, but all in all happy with how he is looking. Very straight forward mini to assemble.

Finally we have the Castellan, the potential warlord for my games. It was a very tough choice trying to decide what to equip him with (a problem well worth having, I really go hope we continue to have characters with various options on the sprue!). In the end I went for the trusty Powerfist and Las Pistol.

Very happy with how he turned out, with just his base to complete. Again, very straight forward to build (however be careful, to have him in this pose with the pistol pointing up you are limited to just the las pistol only). He’ll be leading my Cadians to war!

And that’s it! I hope to get more Guard painting on our social media feeds soon, however I may have something else to paint in the meantime…

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article and video, and remember if you want to preorder any of these new kits you can do so right now via Element Games!

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