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Hobby Resolutions November 2022 Update

Can you believe it’s December already ? The year has quickly flown by and with it another great year of fantastic hobby, next month I’ll do a yearly roundup and write about how I’ve found my hobby resolutions this year…. expect loads of pics.

November I have been painting away but only able to achieve one hobby resolution which is shown in green below.

I was able to magnetise the bases of my 1,000 point Chaos Knight army that I started back in March/April I think, I added a War Dog Karnivore to my force for a one day event at my local club where previously I had about 840 points of Chaos Knights now I have exactly 1,000 points without having to give models chaos marks to fill the points, with my 1,000 points built and painted I magnetised the base on the Karnivore and presto hobby resolution complete. Now this was a simple resolution to do but as I’ll talk about it more in next months update my hobby mojo has been out of whack this year and it has taken me a lot longer than I would have liked to do this one but hey ho it’s done now.

Last month I set myself three goals, firstly to paint up a 40k chaos unit which I have done by painting the Karnivore…..check, secondly to read another fifty pages of Kragnos which I have also done ( still not seen Kragnos yet ) and lastly to paint up some of the Kruleboyz heroes from Dominion which sadly I have not been able to do, I think setting myself that goal would have been a lot easier to do if I had been working on a kruleboyz or Stormcast army this year but with all the amazing releases it just isn’t going to happen.

So looking at the rest of December and what I am likely to be able to do.

I think going for bragging rights with the rest of my podcast co – hosts is the best plan so I am going to focus on painting up some more units for 40k Chaos to get it to the 2,000 point mark, I have been working on a Deathguard kill team which only needs a couple of models to make full units so thats where I will start and hopefully get done. Finishing the black library novel Kragnos is my next priority and thankfully is something I can do throughout the day pretty much every day, I worked out if I read about 6-7 pages a day I’ll be done by New Years so that is pretty easy to do.

With this month being the last month of 2022 lets set myself some goals.

  • Paint 770 points of Warhammer 40k chaos.
  • Finish reading Kragnos book.
  • Write 500 words for a Crusade / Path to Glory narrative.

Lets see how I get on in a couple of weeks time, I have a feeling there might be some late night painting / reading sessions in my immediate future.

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