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Hobby Resolutions October 2022 Update

First of apologies for the lateness of this update for one reason after another life has been very busy lately but on the plus side you won’t have to wait long for the next update so swings and roundabouts. October wasn’t the best month for doing my hobby resolutions as I did not finish any completely however I have made some strides towards doing a few so hopefully the next update will have more to show.

Last month I set myself a goal of painting up 2 units from the Dominion boxset which I am happy to say I did, I painted up the 20 hobgrots from the boxset as these guys are the most numerous and I thought I would start with the unit I didn’t want to paint as much. Needless to say the hobgrots were actually very enjoyable to paint as I followed the painting guide on Warhammer’s Youtube channel that Nick Bayton did when the dominion box came out. It’s a shame these guys aren’t more popular as I would love to paint up more but I think 2 units of 10 is enough for now.

Looking towards the end of the year now and I feel that if I have any chance of painting the entire dominion box I need to make some realistic painting goals stay tuned to the end of the article. I also set myself the goal of reading 50 pages of a black library novel which I am happy to say I did, I’m reading the Kragnos book at the moment and loving it especially the beginning that features the OGORS !!! quite heavily. Speaking of OGORS !!! I also painted up the new Bloodpelt Hunter.

The other goal I set myself was to paint some more Chaos for Warhammer 40k which I have started but not finished, I have started painting some Deathguard primarily for kill team at the moment but I am planning on building it into a larger force based around the contents of the Dark Imperium box for a narrative weekend later in the year / early next year. Other than that I spent the month working on some Leagues of Votann for the site which again sadly did not get finished.

As one of the organisers of the Purple Sparkly Unicorns we also held a 10 player 1 day AOS event which was great fun to see the different armies as we were only playing 1,000 points and had limited the units to no more than 335 points per unit and no more than 2 of the same unit in an attempt to limit the more silly units from dominating the games.

So my goals for next month are :

  • Paint the Swampcalla shaman + pot grot, Killaboss on foot with stab grot and the Murknob with belcha banner.
  • Read another 50 pages of the Kragnos book.
  • Finish a unit of 40k Chaos.

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