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Hobby Resolutions September 2022 Update

September has come and gone and with it more hobby resolutions have been completed, over the last few months I have felt my hobby motivation drop drastically but with September came a reinvigoration of hobby motivation which I put to good use, the hobby resolutions I achieved are marked in green.

Last month I said I wanted to paint the Khronspine Incarnate of Ghur to add to my Ogor army, which I am happy to say I did. The model was relatively easy to build but very annoying to paint with all the different angles that you have to check, I must have spun it around thousands of times before I was happy, the paint scheme was pretty simple, I sprayed it with the new White Scar spray from Games Workshop then used skeleton horde contrast on all the bone, I then went back over with white to tidy up some areas and applied a wash on casandora yellow, once the bone and the yellow were done it was a simple case of lightly dry brushing the model tyrant skull and doing the rocks on its base overall simple to do just dragged at times .

And with that I have added 500 points to my Ogors !!!

Now onto the Disciples of Tzeentch, I have added a Changecaster and 10 pink horrors earlier in the year which came to 390 points giving me 110 points to finish off, I have bought the Magister a couple of times but never finished painting it so I was extra determined to get it painted. It only took a couple of hours on a Sunday evening to do but I really like how it turned out, with that added I have painted more than 500 points for my Disciples of Tzeentch along with Kragnos for my Sons of Behemat army and completed my hobby resolution of adding 500 points to three existing projects.

So thats 2/3 goals I set myself last month done sweet.

The last part of my goals from last month were to paint some of the dominion box, which I have done but sadly not before the end of September so that will come in next months update.

The next hobby resolution I was able to do was to drive up to Warhammer World on a wonderful Thursday evening to play in a Warcry Rumble event which thankfully for me ended up being in Bugmans Bar, I didn’t know that going into the event but it was a pleasant surprise. I took my Ogors which I haven’t played any games with in a while and loved the small format of Warcry, if you get the change to go to one of these events I would highly recommend going thankfully I was off that week so I had the time, although the drive back was interesting with the main roads being closed.

At the event I played Soulblight Gravelords, Slyvaneth and the Darkoath savages all of which were really cool, the event organisers gave us a unique battle pack with custom scenarios that all seemed really good, in the end I won 1 and lost 2 very narrowly. Like I said loved Warcry and would love to play more in the future.

So next month is already well on the go and I have some ideas of what I would like to do and seeing as setting myself some goals worked so well last month I’ll do it again this month as well so for next months update I will aim to

  • Paint 2 more units from Dominion
  • Paint some more Chaos for 40k
  • Read at least 50 pages of a black library novel

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