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Next Week’s Preorders: Kill Team Shadowvaults is Here Already! Titanicus Upgrades! Returning Middle-Earth Characters!

All of the following is up for preorder next weekend! Preorder through one of our Element Games links to help us out and save yourself some pennies!

Warhammer Community have lifted the lid on what’s up for preorder next weekend, which includes the freshly announced Shadowvaults, the next box for Kill Team based on the Gallowdark!

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team logo

Kill Team: Shadowvaults

SundayPreview Oct9 KT ShadowBox

Head deeper into the Gallowdark with the next expansion for Kill Team. Shadowvaults builds on Kill Team: Into the Dark with new terrain and rules for infiltration, sentries, and daring raids in your Kill Team games in the close quarters of the space hulk.

Kill Team:Shadowvaults introduces two new kill teams into the game – the Kasrkin of the Astra Militarum and the Necron Hierotek Circle. The Kasrkin are a brand new set of miniatures while the Necron kill team includes an upgrade sprue for the Immortals and Deathmarks, which also makes the new Plasmacyte Reanimator, Plasmacyte Accelerator, and Apprentek models.

The Kill Team: Shadowvaults book contains the rules to unleash your two new factions, along with loads of lore and background on space hulks, the Kasrkin, and Hierotek Circle kill teams. There are rules for using the new scenery pieces such as the heavy bolter sentry turret and bomb-carrying robotic crawler.

All you need is this box and the Kill Team Core Bookand you’re ready to fight brutal skirmish battles in the twisted passageways of a space hulk.

Please note that the English and Japanese-language editions of this set are slightly delayed in Japan.

Kill Team Dice Sets

SundayPreview Oct9 KT astraDice
SundayPreview Oct9 KT necDice

Provide your special operatives with the best possible support while they’re out in the field with these faction dice sets. Both include 20 dice cast in orange with grey swirls, featuring white ink and the logo of your chosen kill team on the ‘6’.

Please note that these dice sets have been slightly delayed in the USA, Canada, and Japan.

Kill Team Playing Cards

Kill Team Playing Cards

These playing cards are great for any fan of the fast-paced skirmish game. They feature artwork from the Kill Team: OctariusKill Team: ChalnathKill Team: Moroch, and Kill Team: Nachmund books and are great for both playing cards with and generating a space hulk using the rules featured in Kill Team: Into the Dark.

These playing cards have been slightly delayed in Japan.

Titanicus 600Wide LOGO

Adeptus Titanicus Matched Play Guide

Adeptus Titanicus Matched Play Guide

This new book is designed for anyone interested in playing Adeptus Titanicus tournaments. It features six deployment maps, five of which are brand new, and a host of new Primary and Secondary Objectives for Titan Legios and Knight Households in matched play games. There’s also advice for running your own tournament, rules for doubles and narrative events, and rules references for weapons, Titan traits, orders, and psychic powers.

Warlord Titan Graviton Ruinator

Warlord Titan Graviton Ruinator

Ruin your enemy’s day with the appropriately named runinator. This new graviton weapon for Warlord Titans can damage even the most heavily armoured targets. 

Reaver Titan Graviton Destructor

Reaver Titan Graviton Destructor

The Reaver Titan joins the graviton party with the destructor. While it’s not quite as potent as the runiator, it’s still an incredibly powerful weapon and can shoot in a 360 degree arc, meaning that no-one is safe.

Warhound Titan Graviton Destructor

Warhound Titan Graviton Destructor

The Warhound Titan can also take a graviton destructor, but as an arm weapon. Add these lethal weapons to your fast-moving scout Titans.

These three weapon upgrades are all going to be available from the Forge World webstore. Sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date with all of the latest resin releases.

MiddleEarth 600Wide LOGO

Boromir™ (Mounted)


Fans of the Fellowship rejoice as Boromir returns on his mighty steed. Already one of Middle-earth’s finest fighters, he can now quickly reposition to take the fight to the enemy before making them cower with a doot on the Horn of Gondor.

Blackroot Vale Commanders

Blackroot Vale Commanders

Add Commanders to your Fiefdoms army with a Blackroot Vale Archer with war horn and a Blackroot Vale Archer with banner. They are excellent shots with their bows, and can support their colleagues with crucial rerolls thanks to the banner.

Elendil & Isildur

Elendil and Isildur

Lead your Númenor armies with this father-and-son combo. Elendil is a mighty champion, able to take on even the toughest of opponents in a duel, while Isildur is nearly as good in a fight and comes with a mounted option. Just keep him away from your jewellery.

Haradrim™ King

Haradrim King

Evil players are also getting some returning miniatures, starting with the Haradrim King on foot and mounted. He’s ideal for leading your Haradrim Warriors or Haradrim Raiders to victory.

Mahûd™ King

Mahûd King

If you’re more of a fan of Far Harad, grab the Mahûd King. This fearsome warrior comes on foot and riding his mighty war camel into battle – someone must really have given him the hump.

Mahûd™ Raiders

SundayPreview Oct9 ME MahudRaiders

Also riding battle dromedaries into battle are the Mahûd Raiders. Their camels can impale anyone they charge, collecting up the victims as they make their way across the battlefield.

Mahûd™ Warrior Warband

Mahûd Warrior Warband

Complete your Mahûd army with two warriors armed with clubs, four carrying spears, and six equipped with blowpipes. The latter use poisoned darts to take out their foes at range with deadly toxins.

The above Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game miniatures are all cast in metal and have been previously available.

Citadel Tools logo

Super Fine Detail Cutters

Super Fine Detail Cutters

There’s a new range of Citadel Tools coming out! The super fine detail cutters provide the closest cut ever from a pair of Citadel cutters. They have narrow, long blades, making it a doddle to cut even the smallest pieces from the sprue, while an innovative stopping mechanism protects the cutting edge from becoming dulled. Thanks to ergonomically designed handles, they can be held comfortably for long periods of time, while also requiring less force to cut components than previously.

Mouldline Remover

Mouldline Remover

Once you’ve clipped out your pieces, you can remove any traces of mouldline with the new and improved remover. The longer, thinner nose makes it easier to get to those hard to reach places and there’s a new notch to help with tidying up base rims. The mouldline remover features a completely redesigned, ergonomic handle.



The redesigned knife is safer and easier to use than ever before. The handle ensures that the blade can’t accidentally unscrew during use, while the single-slot barrel ensures the blade is always perfectly aligned with the handle. The knife gives maximum precision and control, and comes supplied with six replacement blades in a case.



Drilling your gun barrels or any other parts of your miniatures will be easier than ever with the new Citadel drill. A new securing mechanism ensures minimal slippage and prevents the drill bit from unscrewing during use, while the ergonomically designed handle makes it easier to hold securely while exerting pressure. The drill comes with two 1.0mm bits and two 1.5mm bits.

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