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Necromunda Goliath Maulers | Unboxing and Miniatures Showcase

Fancy owning a set of the Goliath Maulers? Why not click this link right here and be taken to the Element Games website where you can preorder a box, saving you money against RRP and help us out!

So I have been extremely lucky in having been sent a box of the brand new Goliath Maulers for Neromunda to review, unbox and paint!

Now, back when Necromunda re-launched and we had the starter gangs of the Escher and the Goliaths, I really fell for the Goliaths. The announcement of the Maulers for the Ash Wastes expansion to Necromunda brought back all that intial love for the gang and will be bringing them out of retirement for our next campaign.

But enough about that, let’s check out those bikes!

If you want to watch the unboxing and showcase of the Maulers now, you can do so by hitting the play button:

In the above slideshow you can see the sprues (of which you get two identical ones) and the box. You also get two oval bases too, should you wish to base your Maulers once done.

Building the Mauler was a dream. I encountered no fiddly bits, or bits that didn’t go quite right. The Goliath riding the bike can be built separately (I found it easier to glue the handlebars to his hands as well, which did not impede on painting the Goliath) making both major parts easier to paint.

You have 4 heads to choose from, and two pairs of weapons. I built one with the Grenade Launchers, and the other with the Heavy Bolters. The only other option you have is for the front of the Mauler. You can build them with either the big wheel, or you can build them with the grinder sort of angry wheel instead. I opted to build one of each.

With them built, it was time to spray and paint. For the Maulers I went for an undercoat of Mechanicus Standard Grey, whilst the Goliath guys on top I sprayed with Grey Seer.

I’m really happy with how they turned out, of which you can view below:

They were as fun to paint as they were too build. At the last minute I just had to throw some Blood for the Blood God on there, in particular on the meatgrinder bike, because I’m sure it’ll strike fear into my opponents gang!

I cannot wait to get these on the road during a game of Necromunda Ash Wastes, perhaps using the new expansion, The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning, of which Matt has reviewed.

Let us know via our social channels if you’re thinking of picking up either of the new Necromunda items, which are both available to preorder right now.

My thanks once again to Games Workshop for sending us a box of the Goliath Maulers to review.

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