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Games Workshop Trials Advance Pre Orders with Battle of Osgiliath – The End of FOMO?

Some interesting news has come from Warhammer Community today with Games Workshop taking a different approach to pre orders for The Lord of the Rings Battle of Osgiliath box for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game

Essentially for the period of 10th – 26th September (just over 2 weeks) Games Workshop will be taking advance pre orders in order to secure every person ordering a copy in advance of the main pre orders coming as usual a week before release.

The Game will then release in December with a standard pre order window opening a week before release.

This is a massive change as will hopefully be the end of missing out on boxed sets due to limited availability – by extending out the pre order period this should give Games Workshop enough time to create stock for all those who want the set, in addition to the stock that will be allocated for the standard pre order and for retail stores.

One of the major criticism of Games Workshop’s limited big box releases is that there was a feeling that if you are not on the site and refreshing at 10am on a Saturday that you will miss out on the release, and this looks to be a way to address that! This is also a pointer to games Workshop revealing things just that little earlier than they used to. Traditionally, Games Workshop tend to reveal things 3 months before release (In their preview shows) but over the year we have seen things teased outside this period, giving us more of a hint to the future, and allowing people to save their pennies for a release they are excited about.

While this is just being used on the new Middle-Earth box at the moment, I suspect if this works out that we might see this kind of thing apply to other sets in the future! We’ve unfortunately had lots of leaks this year, and perhaps this is a way of Games Workshop getting the drop on these weeks early and keep the excitement rolling in with a chance to pre order 3 months prior to release

More on Battle of Osgiliath as we get it!


  1. Yeah… Not sure how I feel about this. Because while I get that there’s such a thing as turn around, paying for an item that we then have to wait almost three months for seems cheap. I’m not sure if it’s the right way to combat FOMO, although maybe it will help with Ebay scalper sales? Idk.


  2. I get the feeling they are only doing this for LOTR because they really don’t know what the demand will be like, they don’t want to overproduce sets like they did for AoS.


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