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Hobby Resolutions 2022 April Update

April has come and gone and while this update is quite late (sorry) hopefully you will still enjoy reading this update, April was a busy time for me especially towards the end of the month; I had my birthday and two Warhammer Age of Sigmar events which between work and life has had an effect on my hobby resolutions in April.

Below you can see which resolution I was able to do in April in Yellow.

Like I said April was quite a busy month so I was only able to complete the one hobby resolution which is one of my all time favourites to do and has cost me more than a few games as a result. For this me, Jay, Dave and a close friend of the show Jason went to the Age of Sigmar team tournament at Warhammer world which was an awesome experience as I have never done a team event before. I loved the pairing system which was very interesting and I can see how important getting the right match ups for armies can be.

While I did only complete one hobby resolution in April I did make some progress on several others.

Firstly I have now painted a Chaos Knight Desecrator for my chaos knight army that I am planning on doing this year and while I have not decided on how I want to base my knights (I want to base all my 40k chaos stuff on the same style bases so it looks coherent when I play a big game) it is done, with that I have painted 400/2000 points of Warhammer 40k chaos which is a good start.


Next up I have been listening to two audiobooks (which I hope to finish in May’s update in a couple of weeks time) Master of Mankind which Jay has told me I have to listen to if I play Custodes, I am on chapter 17/24 and I really like it, it shows the emperor in a new light for me and it is very interesting to see what the Custodes and indeed parts of Terra are like. The other audio book I have been listening to is Sacrosanct and other stories which is an Age of Sigmar collection of short stories with one slightly larger story focusing around the Sacrosanct chamber fighting nighthaunt, who are holding a town ransom for souls, very cool. This will finish the listen to master of mankind and an audiobook resolution.

I also went to the Hobby Room’s mid week two day age of sigmar event up at element games in Stockport, unfortunately I was pretty sick on the Wednesday so I only played three games on the Tuesday which was a day after the team event, this was the first time I have ever had to drop out of an event which really annoyed me as I was really enjoying the event and the three games I played were all really good fun, even the list with FOURTY !!!! chameleon skinks.

Other than that the only other thing I have been doing in April is painting some Warhammer underworlds (The Exiled Dead) and Horus Heresy Iron Warriors in preparation for the big Heresy release later this year.

With this review written I have now written five articles for the Sprues and Brews website which are not reviews or preorder posts so May’s resolution list is already looking pretty good.

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