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Next Week – Necromunda Ash Wastes Pre Order!

Exciting news for Necromunda fans, WarCom have shared today that the Ash Wastes box (And a host of Necromunda goodies including the Nomads and Quads!) are up for pre order next Saturday!

If you would like to support the site then why not preorder your copy of Ash Wastes through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself some money too?

Alongside the massive box it looks like all of the plastics except the new scenery are also available separate too! Perfect if you want to start painting up a Nomad tribe and dont need everything in the big box!

There’s also a pair of new gang tactics cards decks, including one designed for Orlock vehicles!

And there’s also a full map of Necromunda! Very tempted to pick this one up as I’m a massive Necromunda fan and this absolutely needs to go in the hobby room!

Head back to Sprues and Brews on Saturday for more Necromunda goodness!!

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