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Hobby Resolutions 2022 March Update

So now we are in April it’s time for March’s hobby update, this month saw me do a few resolutions which at first glance to me feel like small ones but still enough to make myself feel like I have achieved something this month which is what the hobby resolutions challenge is all about. The updates that I have completed in March are marked in blue.

First up I played not one but two different specialist games in March, the first being Aeronautica which I played at a Purple Sparkly Unicorn club night against fellow co-host Matt, I used Matt’s Orks and we played 100 points as a small intro game.

Overall I enjoyed the game system, I found the rules pretty simple and straight forward just a little clunky when the models were close together, the mastery of speed and height / altitude is cool and I found that it made movement very tactical.

The second specialist game I played was Cursed City with the whole Sprues and Brews team, I used Octren Glimscry in the game who despite not being the strongest fighter in the game was great fun to use. I really enjoyed playing Cursed City it is definitely a game that needs to be played over a long term and there is a lot to think about with character development and the city’s state of fear.

The next resolution I did was for the video review I did for the Fyreslayer battletome which can be found here, I find doing video reviews a little bit un nerving but like a lot of people once I start talking and find my flow it’s hard to get me to stop.

The last resolution that I managed to finish this month was to get a photo set up sorted, I bought a double sided mat from Game Mat EU that has a desert side and a forest side both of which work well for both Age of Sigmar and 40k, with this mat I have also been painting / buying some more scenery to use in the background of photos and some lights to get better pictures, I’m no photographer but i’m happy with the results.

So those are the hobby resolutions that I was able to complete during March which overall I am happy with my progress, I am burning through the quick and easy ones very quickly but I feel April will be a fairly productive month for me as I have a few events coming up.

I also made some progress on another resolution which is to add 500 points to 3 existing projects. I managed to paint up five more chaos warriors for my Slaves to Darkness army which I started back in 2nd edition which when 3rd edition came out made the 15 chaos warriors I had an understrength unit, adding five more to the unit gives me a reinforced unit of 20 that I can take in my Disciples of Tzeentch or Maggotkin armies as well as adding it to the other Slaves to Darkness units I painted last year.

I have also been building a Chaos Knight Desecrator which I aim to get done I April for a doubles event in June which will give me about 400 points of 40k Chaos painted but more on that next month.

Thanks for reading.

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