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Hobby Resolutions 2022 February Update

With February out of the way it is time for an update on how the hobby resolutions are coming along, February was a tough month and while I did get a couple of resolutions done other commitments did take some hobby time away from me, still I’m happy with what I was able to do in February (shown in green below).

First up I finished painting a Changecaster (Herald of Tzeentch) for my Disciples of Tzeentch army which finished off the paint a unit for each Grand Alliance resolution which is soo satisfying because that model has been in my display cabinet next to my desk for almost two years. It also counts as adding models to an existing project for my Tzeentch, 135 points out of 500; if I add some Pink Horrors and some Kairic Acolytes that will be well over 500 points. At the moment I’m planning on adding 500 points to my Ogres, Tzeentch and probably my Bonereapers but all in due time.


Next up I painted up some scenery for my own personal collection in the form of some Azyrite ruins, I have painted some of these up previously for the Purple Sparkly Unicorns club and always wanted some for myself, overall they were super quick to paint.

I first sprayed them Zandri Dust then painted the columns with Blood Angels contrast after which I painted some of the brick work with Gore Grunta contrast, then washed the whole thing with Reikland Fleshshade and finally dry brushed Tyrant Skull, dead simple and only took about two hours including drying time.

A few more of these and I’ll have a whole dessert themed table, this ticked off the paint three scenery pieces resolution which has in previous years been a bit of a chore to do.

But thats not all the scenery I painted, I was lucky enough to find a shattered temple kit after they were taken off the Games Workshop website which I painted in pretty much the same way except I added the blue and gold just to make the scenery stand out a bit more.

Both the blue and gold were done with a quick base coat of Retributor Gold and Macragge Blue before being washed with Reikland (gold) and Null Oil (on the blue) and then dry brushed with Golden Griffon and Imrik blue, there are a few skulls but they were super quick to do.

So those were the only two resolutions I was able to complete this month but I did make some more progress on other resolutions, first up I painted a unit of Vindictors from the Dominion box set which were great fun to paint. Secondly by writing this article I have written three out of five articles for the site that are not reviews or preorders…………

And that was February’s update, I did feel that my hobby motivation did slow down in the middle of the month but going to the Purple Sparkly Unicorns one day 40k event really renewed my motivation, nothing like a nice one day event to get the paint brush out…… the fact that I also beat Dave and Jay is just a bonus hehe.

Until next month have fun hobbying – Andy

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