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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower | Year Two Updates!

Back in 2020 I reviewed a brand new mobile game, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower by Perchang.

Two years on, the game is still being updated. In fact tomorrow (24th Feb) the game is getting a huge new update!

Taken from the press release, check out what is being added to the game:

The Year Two Expansion:
Our biggest update yet, with hours and hours of content! Featuring:
A whole new campaign set in the belly of a great daemonic beast! It’s rather appropriately called “A Sickening Turn”.
A new Nighthaunt Champion in the form of the terrifying Knight of Shrouds.
For our toughest adventurers we’ve included a new “Nightmare” difficulty mode.
And finally, we’re kicking off our first Season, which features new Daily Quests, Gauntlets, and Weekly Trials… along with some other little surprises!

For me, the pick of the updates has to be the daily and weekly content, as well as having the Knight of Shrouds as a playable champion!

What’s even more exciting, is the tease of things to come. We’ve been told to expect more champions and campaigns before the end of the year, and…multiplayer options too!

You can check out screenshots from the expansion below:

Fancy giving the game a go? You can download Silver Tower using the links below:

iOS – Silver Tower
Android – Silver Tower
Steam – Silver Tower

I’ll be refreshing the App Store tomorrow for my update!

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