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Black Library Celebration 2022 Pre-orders are up! – Fafnir Rann and Dominion Zephon

The Black Library Celebration 2022 kicks off with today’s pre-orders with both Fafnir Rann and Dominion Zephon available to pre-order and due for release on the 26th of February.

Preorder through our Element Game links to save yourself some pennies and help support our website!

Fafnir Rann

Fafnir Rann is an amazing plastic model (with 25 individual components!) equiped with his twin axes and breacher shield across his back! Games Workshop have even provided some rules you can download to use him in your games of Horus Heresy! He’s already in my shopping basket…

Dominion Zephon

The popular Blood Angels hero from Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s superb Master of Mankind novel also receives a brand new plastic miniature release. Armed with Spiritum, his awesome looking greatsword and his two volkite pistols, Lament and Grief I think Zephon looks really cool jumping from the rock on his base, lifted by his jump pack!

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