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Next Weeks Preorders – Warcry Tome Of Champions, Made To Order and Necromunda Scenery

Next weeks preorders are going to be murder on my wallet, we have the new Tome of Champions for Warcry which brings a whole host of new updates to open, narrative and matched play games of Warcry not to mention that this year’s Tome of Champions also introduces Warhammer Underworld warbands into your games of Warcry.

Along side this essential tome are 5 new warcry war band boxes containing not only the models but new fighter cards to use in your games, while these boxes don’t contain any new models they do give a pretty generous saving to buying the models separately so if your looking for a nice cheaper way to get into an army for Age of Sigmar these boxes are worth a look.

Next up we have 4 Made to Order Tau Ethereals all of which are only available for 9 days so if you want to get your hands on them your’ll have the chance this Saturday.

Next up we head over to Middle Earth for more pre orders in preparation for the War in the North campaign supplement that we all know is coming soonish……….. I will be picking up the Easterling Warriors war band to add to my Easterling force and I’m also tempted by the armoured Goblins as well.

For Necromunda we have the Under hive sector, a massive kit containing 106 pieces of terrain and accessories which looks perfect for making a gangs hide out.

Look to the sky….. is it a bird …… is it a person …… no it’s the 2 new Asuryani aircraft for Aeronautica which both look awesome.

Overall a super cool week for preorders.

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