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New Warcry Warband Boxes – Breaking Down the Value

This Saturday we have a range of 5 new Warcry boxes on the way! Each of these has a selection of existing models bundled together at a reduced price and look to be both a great way of getting into Warcry and expanding your Age of Sigmar armies! In this article I thought I’d take a look at the contents of each and how much money you save on the RRP!

If you would like to support the site, they why not pre order your Warband boxes on Saturday through our affiliate Element Games and save a further 20% off RRP?

Daughters of Khaine

10 Witch Aelves / Sisters of Slaughter – £35

5 Blood Sisters / Blood Stalkers – £32.50

Total RRP £67.50

Box Price – £50 (Saving £17.50)

A great start here with 2 kits that are great in either game and a decent saving to be made (Especially if you can get it below RRP from a 3rd party!)

Lumineth Realm-Lords

5 Sentinels – £18.25 (Half a box)

5 Wardens – £18.25 (Half a box)

5 Stoneguard – £36.50

Total RRP £73

Box Price – £52.50 (Saving £20.50)

We have an interesting one here as this is great value for Warcry with a £20 saving, however unless you buy 2 boxes this one isn’t really usable in AOS as you need a minimum of 10 of each of the Sentinels and Wardens. Now at the end of the day this box is designed for Warcry so this isn’t an issue, but it is worth keeping in mind for if you want to use this for AOS!

Slaanesh Sybarites

10 Blissbarbs – £31.50

5 Painbringers / Twin Souls – £36.50

Total RRP £68

Box Price – £52.50 (Saving £15.50)

Less of a saving than the other boxes, but still decent savings to be had for 2 fairly recent kits! Certainly useful for Age of Sigmar players who could pick up multiples of these sets to use to build their battleline options!


10 Gutrippaz – £31.50

Boltboyz – £29

Total RRP £60.50

Box Price – £47.50 (Saving £13)

Not a massive saving here, but its worth pointing out that this is the full multi-part Gutrippaz set rather than the set that came with Dominion – so anyone looking to get banners and horns may be interested in this one!

Thunderstrike Stormcast

5 Vindictors – £15.75 (Half a box)

3 Annhilators – £31.50

Total RRP £47.25

Box Price – £36.50 (Saving £10.75)

The lowest savings out of the 5 boxes, however if you are wanting to get some Annhilators anyway this is a really nice way of getting an extra 5 Vindictors for only £5!

So do you plan on picking up any of these sets? Tempted to give Warcry a try using one of these as a basis? Let us know in the comments!


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