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Hobby Resolutions For 2022 – January Update

January has been a very busy month for me, I ran my first ever event as a tournament organiser which was really fun and extremely enlightening for me, I built all the contents of the Dominion boxset and have even painted a couple of units for it. I’ve highlighted all the Hobby Resolutions I have managed to do this month in Red so each month you can see what I have done and my progress.

So jumping straight in, I painted not one but two named characters, Watch Captain Halgrim and Gorlok Blackpowder. Both are stunning models and were great fun to paint, Halgrim was almost the same as painting regular skeletons with a few more paint steps to show his higher rank. This also counted as painting a death unit which is part of painting a unit for each Grand Alliance.

With Gorlok and his (I imagine…. merry) band of Buccaneers painted as well that gave me a destruction unit painted, just an Order and Chaos unit to go and another Hobby Resolution is complete. Gorlok and crew are also 105 points that I have added to my Ogor army which is an existing project, painting 500 points for three existing projects might take a while to finish but Rome wasn’t built in a day so…..

I finally managed to finish building all the models from Dominion and I have even started painting some of the models, I started with my favourite models from the box, the Annihilators !!! These guys are sooooooo cool carrying enormous shields that I just had to paint them first, these are also the first Stormcast Eternals I have painted since the Stormdrake came out back in 1st edition so I was excited to paint these guys. I followed the paint guide in the Stormcast Battletome and I have to say I was the right decision for me.

They also count as an Order unit for the paint a unit from each Grand Alliance resolution which is great, I have also started painting some Vindictors from Dominion but those are still a work in progress, my aim with Dominion is to paint batches of 500 points that way I don’t get burnt out painting Stormcast or Kruleboyz.

I also read the Sons Of Behemat battletome in a day which I thought would be harder to do but as it turned out was very easy as the battletome was very interesting to read…….its also the smallest battletome but shush.

The last post I did my own thumbnail which was a nice easy one to do and I came up with a top 3 segment for next weeks podcast, again both very simple but it was just to get the ball rolling and help motivate me.

I was booked in to go to the Purple Sparkly Unicorns two day Age of Sigmar event up at element games called March to War, unfortunately my fellow organiser wasn’t able to run the event so I had to step in and run the event otherwise I was aiming to get the resolution for not taking the double turn at a two day event.

Overall it was great fun and all the players left with smiles on their faces so I think overall it was a great success, there are things that I would change and there was some things that I was confused on but all the players reminded me about how great this community is as persevered with me so I am extremely motivated to make the next event even better. 

Here are the best painted nominations which blew me away, out of 32 players I had 15 nominations but had to pick 6 which was extremely hard.

With January out of the way February should be just as awesome, I have a few Chaos units eyed up for painting which rounds out the Grand Alliance resolution, this is also my second none review/preorder post for the site and I have some scenery pieces already sprayed and shouldn’t take too long to paint….. and who knows I might take a trip to Warhammer World and play a game in Bugmans bar…. only time will tell.


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