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Next Week’s Preorders! Return to Octarius, Necromunda Goodness, Chapter Approved!

All of the following has been announced as up for preorder next Saturday at 10am!

Preorder through our Element Game links to save yourself some pennies and help support our website!

Next weeks preorders kick off with new books for Warhammer 40K!

The first book is important for those who play in tournaments and/or with matched play points. Chapter Approved: War Zone Nachmund Grand Tournament Pack includes a new season of missions and matched play points. Also have updated secondary objectives too!

Sticking with 40K, Kill Team now has a readily available Starter Set. Similar to the Kill Team Octarius box which was a limited run, this one doesn’t have all the scenery.

Even without the scenery, it’s still a great box!

If you did want the scenery you can however pick it up, with Kill Zone Octarius also going up for preorder.

Fancy adding more Death Korp of Kreig Veterans, or Ork Kommandos to your army? Now you can, as they are both up for preorder separately!!

Picking up the Kommandos and Veterans? You’ll need Kill team rules! this new book also contains 9 Shadow Operatives missions.

Now into the Underhive, from next weekend you can preorder a box of 4 Hired Guns!

House Delauque are getting some new toys, with a box of upgrades!

Slopper and Scabs are arriving to help you get those missions complete….

One final preorder, and it’s for Blood Bowl!

Rat Ogres are going to be up for preorder too!

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