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Next Week’s Preorders! Fyreslayers vs Idoneth, Pirate Ogor for Underworlds, Necrons fly into Aeronautica

It’s that time of the week that Warhammer Community drop an article revealing what we can preorder from 10am next Saturday morning!

All of the following will be up for preorder via our Element Game affiliated links, so if you’d like to save some pennies AND help support us, click one of said links, like this one!

First and foremost, Age of Sigmar is getting a new battlebox. It’s Forces of Order vs Forces of Order, as the Fyreslayers clash with the Idoneth Deepkin!

SundayPreview Jan09 FuryoftheDeep

Within the box is a raft of minis, included two timed exclusives, Akhelian Thrallmaster and the Auric Flamekeeper. Both awesome minis, in particular that Fyreslayer!

SundayPreview Jan09 Characters

You also get some campaign rules, warscroll cards, tokens and for the first time in one of these Sigmar battleboxes, a set of the Core Rules. Handy!

Whilst on the subject of the Mortal Realms, a new warband is up for preorder for Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep!

Gorlok Blackpowder and his pals (including the infamous Monkey with a Knife) are looking to plunder Harrowdeep. This set is getting added to my collection! (I only wish he was wearing a pirate hat!)

SundayPreview Jan09 Buccaneers

Speaking of Underworlds, the new Rival Deck system is introduced in the form of Illusory Might, a set of 32 cards that any warband can use in the Rivals formal.

SundayPreview Jan09 IllusoryMight

Blood Bowl is getting a couple of preorders, both for the Nurgle team. The pitch with dugout and Nurgle themed dice (which look VERY radioactive) are up for preorder.

SundayPreview Jan09 BBNurglePitch
SundayPreview Jan09 BBNurgleDiceCards

Aeronautica Imperialis fans are in for new content too, as a new book is arriving. Aeronautica Imperialis – Companion includes rules found in White Dwarf and rules for some of the latest aircraft, including the Necrons, Adeptus Astartes and Asuryani (it’ll always be Eldar to me…)

SundayPreview Jan09 AICompanion

Did I just say Necrons?

Yes! I did! They are up for preorder this coming weekend too. From Forge World, two flyers will be available, the Night Shroud bombers and Doom Scythe fighters.

Man these look awesome, may have found my faction for Aeronautica!

SundayPreview Jan09 AIDoomscythes
SundayPreview Jan09 AINightShrouds

Some pretty tasty content! Prepare your wallets!

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