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Black Library Warhammer Online Preview – Reveals and News!

During today’s Black Library Online Preview we’ve been treated to a large number of reveals and peaks at upcoming books, models and other Black Library related items in addition to a number of fascinating interviews with Black Library authors and illustrators! You can visit Warhammer Community to catch up on the Online Preview for yourself or read on for our own overview!

Black Library Celebration Models – Fanir Rann and Dominion Zephon

The show opened with the amazing reveal of the new Black Library Celebration models, Fafnir Rann of the Imperial Fists and Dominion Zephon of the Blood Angels!

These plastic models will be available early next year – I’m pretty sure I heard Adam Troke say February! I’m a big fan of Blood Angels and my favourite IXth Legion hero of the Heresy (not counting Sanguinius of course) is Zephon. To see him finally realised in miniature form is very exciting and I’m looking forward to adding him to my collection.

BLPreview Minis Dec11 Image4

Fafnir Rann is a character I’m slowly starting to learn more about as I back track through some of the earlier Horus Heresy books (he was great in Templar and more recently Warhawk!). His new model is fantastic too, arguably my favourite of the two!

BLPreview Minis Dec11 Image2

Kragnos, Avatar of Destruction

The first Age of Sigmar novel to be revealed was Kragnos, Avatar of Destruction by David Guymer! The book aims to provide new background and lore for Kragnos as befits a deity of the Mortal Realms and also features the forces of Order!

BLPreview Books Dec11 Kragnos

Eisenhorn Xenos

Next up was a special edition version of Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn Xenos featuring stylistic illustrations and annotated notes from the author himself. It’s been a while since I read anything from the Eisenhorn series but I think this particular edition would make a great collector’s item.

BLPreview Books Dec11 Xenos Carousel2

The Successors – A Space Marines Anthology

The Successors – A Space Marines Anthology is a new hardback featuring multiple stories from a collection of authors concerning famous Successor Chapters such as the Flesh Tearers, Emperor’s Spears and Crimson Fists and more. We’re told to expect lots of action (as you’d expect from a book about Space Marines!) and I think it will be cool to see the focus switched to those lesser covered Chapters.

BLPreview Books Dec11 Successors


We’re back to the Horus Heresy with the release of the paper back version of Dan Abnett’s Saturnine, book four of the Siege of Terra series. In addition the latest vinyl map will also be released alongside it, this one showing the Lion’s Gate Space Port and surround environments!

BLPreview Books Dec11 SaturninePB
BLPreview Books Dec11 SoT Map2

Witch Hunter, Cadian Blood and Astorath: Angel of Mercy

We will also see a re-release of CL Werner’s Old World based Witch Hunter and Aaron Dembski-Bowdens’s first ever Black Library novel, Cadian Blood. In addition fans will also be able to pick up Guy Haley’s Astorath: Angel of Mercy for the first time again since it’s special edition release last year!

BLPreview Books Dec11 CelebrationBooks

Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader

The final book to be revealed was Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader by John French, a special edition hardback that will be released next year. The book promises to fill in the background and origin story for this most famous of Heresy era characters, featuring lore and background from before his initiation into the Imperial Fists right through the early Great Crusade and beyond. I’m very excited for this one!


Gotrek returns in Darius Hink’s Soulslayer, this time he’s fighting those slippery sea-aelves as they seek to separate the famous Dwarf from his soul…good luck with that!

BLPreview Books Dec11 GotrekSoulslayer

Throne of Light

Guy Haley continues the Dawn of Fire series with Throne of Light, which sees Guilliman and his Indomitus Crusade cross blades with an old rival and nemesis, the Word Bearers. Available next year in both paperback and cool special edition!

The Triumph of Saint Katherine

The Triumph of Saint Katherine is a new special edition book which tells the tale of Sister Avra, a warrior of the Order of Our Martyred Lady as she marches to war alongside the sacred Triumph of Saint Katherine. I have a feeling fellow Sprue and Brews team member Dave will be picking this one up!

BLPreview Books Dec11 StKatherine Carousel1

Ahriman Eternal

The reveal was chocked full of special edition releases but Ahriman Eterna by John French I think was the best of the bunch! Take a look at all that cool stuff! The story itself sees Ahriman pursued by Harlequins as he seeks to claim ancient Necron technology in an attempt to save his Legion from the Rubric Curse!

Huron Blackheart

Set during the Indomituse Crusade, Huron Blackheart is a new novel from Mike Brooks featuring the Lord and Master of the Red Corsairs renegade Astartes Chapter. Available next year in both hardback and special edition.

Assassinorum: Kingmaker

From author Robert Rath, Assassinorum: Kingmaker sees two members of the that most secretive and deadly order work together in an attempt to achieve a critical mission on a Imperial Knight Homeworld.

BLPreview Books Dec11 Kingmaker

Hallowed Ground

A new story from author Richard Strachen, Hallowed Ground features the now famous Witch Hunter family duo Galen and Doralia ven Denst. Set in Ghur and following on from events in Broken Realms Kragno it looks as though this will be an interesting read for fans of both the Cities of Sigmar and Kragnos!

BLPreview Books Dec11 HallowedGround

Ravenor Rogue

Finally, the last book to be revealed was something really special. A signed special edition of Dan Abnett’s Ravenor Rogue, the third book in the the series.

BLPreview Books Dec11 RavenorRogue Carousel1

Interviews and Artwork

We were also treated to a number of fantastic interviews with multiple Black Library authors and illustrators, I thought Warhammer TV’s Wade did a great job here and I thoroughly enjoyed them (definitely recommend you head over to the Warhammer Community page and check them out for yourself!).

In addition to the informative interviews we were also treated to a selection of artwork from current and upcoming Black Library Siege of Terra books during a great interview with illustrator Neil Roberts!

BLPreview Books Dec11 SoT Art

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