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High Marshall Hebrecht & Castellan Unboxing Video | All of Today Preorders

All of the following is up for preorder right now! Save yourself some pennies and help support our site by preordering through our Element Game links!

Lots of Black Templar goodies up for preorder today, including High Marshall Helbrecht himself, who now has a stunning new Primaris-scale plastic mini and the retro-first born Castellan.

We were lucky enough to be sent both of these by Games Workshop to review and unbox. You can check out our unboxing video below:

SundayPreview Nov7 BT 01 Helbrecht
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 05 Castellan

Here is our High Marshall and Castellan assembled!

What else is up for preorder?

First of all, we have more characters. For the first time outside of the Black Templars launch box we have the Emperors Champion and Marshall.

SundayPreview Nov7 BT 03 EmpChamp
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 04 Marshal

Grimaldus and his retinue are also back, with new plastic kits.

SundayPreview Nov7 BT 02 Grimaldus

We then have two multipart troop kits. First of all the Crusader Squad, and then the Sword Brethren.

SundayPreview Nov7 BT 06 Crusaders
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 07 SwordBrethren

I LOVE that Sword Brethren squad!

Let us not forget the upgrade sprue too, as that is also up for preorder!

SundayPreview Nov7 BT 09 Upgrades

Kits aside, the Codex, as well as the dice and datacards.

SundayPreview Nov7 BT 08 Codex
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 10 Cards Dice

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