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Next Week – The Kruleboyz Match to War!

Hot off the heels of the new Orruk Warclans Battletome, a whole host of Kruleboyz reinforcements are up for pre order! Check out all the details from Warhammer Community!

First up we have Gobsrakk, who as mentioned in our review is an absolute must take in your Kruelboyz army!

SundayPreview Sep12 Gobsprakk

If you rather bash things in the face than use magic, you can also built the kit as a Killaboss too!

Next up is one of my favourite models from the range! Both the named and standard version of the Sludgeraker

SundayPreview Sep12 Swampboss

Want your envenomed blades to do extra damage? March alongside one of these and it’ll make your poison deal more damage when it actives!

Rounding out the stable of monsters (Alas, it doesn’t have the monster keyword however) is the Marshcrawler!

SundayPreview Sep12 Sloggoth

In addition to looking brilliantly weird, this thing is a massive help in all flavours of Orruk army as it gives nearby friendly models +1 to hit! Don’t leave home without one!

SundayPreview Sep12 Gutrippaz

Finally you can round out your battleline choices with the multi-part Gutrippaz kit, containing parts for a leader, standard and musician!

All Age of Sigmar players will also want to pick up the Dawnbringer Crusade scenery set as seen in the Exremis Edition box!

This push fit scenery is a joy to build, goes together in no time and also looks great! Looks like this is split between 4 different boxes, so you can pick and choose the parts that you want!

SundayPreview Sep12 AoSAppImage

It also looks like the AOS app launches in a Beta phase too, we’ll be giving it the full low down once it goes live!

Over in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, the Hive World of Necromunda also gets some reinforcements in the form of the House Greim Military Attaché

SundayPreview Sep12 HouseGreim

These gorgeous Forge World models are available to order from Friday!

15 09 WHPlus Schedule

On Wednesday we also have a host of stuff coming to Warhammer+ including a narrative 40k game, a guide to painting Gold, the next episode of Angels of Death, and a load of stuff added to the Vault!

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