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Next week – Orks Pre Order!

It may not be Orktober, but Codex Orks and a whole host of new Ork miniatures are on the way next Saturday! Check out Warhammer Community for all the details!

SundayPreview Aug29 OrksCodexes

First up is Codex Orks, we shared our first impressions when the Launch Box was released, but our full review will be up as the book goes on pre order.

SundayPreview Aug29 OrkCombatPatrol

We also have what has to be one of the strongest Combat Patrol boxes in the game – everything in this box is new except for the Deff Dread, and this is one of those rare examples where multiple boxes is a great way of putting together an army!

SundayPreview Aug29 BeastSnaggas
SundayPreview Aug29 Zodgrod
SundayPreview Aug29 Squighogz

We also get the 3 kits available in the Launch Box separately for the first time, allowing you to put together your Beastsnagga force much easier!

SundayPreview Aug29 BeastBoss

And speaking of Beastsnaggas, the Beast Boss is also here to lead them into the fray!

Rounding out the releases we also get a reboxed Battlewagon (Now containing the upgrade sprue) the usual Dice and cards (Have to say the dice are rather tasty!) and the new scenery piece – the Big Ed Bossbunker!

SundayPreview Aug29 BossBunka

Looks like it’s time to go green!!

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