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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Dominion Launch Box: Preorder Next Week!


This is the big one folks!

From next Saturday at 10am you can preorder Dominion, the launch box to coincide with the 3rd edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

Dominion, and all the bits that will follow in this post, will be on a two week preorder, for release 3rd July!

Dominion is packed with miniatures both both the Stormcast Eternals and Orruk Warclans in the shape of the Kruleboyz!

You also get a plethora of other gaming content, narrative supplement, warscroll cards and the Core Rulebook in a limited edition cover!

If you preorder through GW themselves, for a limited time you can pick up Coin Malleus Command Tokens in a hinged presentation box. These look snazzy!

For those skipping Dominion you can instead pick up the Core Rules separately, in normal or super special limited edition!

A must for all Age of Sigmar players, in particular those into matched play, is the latest Generals Handbook.

General’s Handbook Pitched Battles 2021 and Pitched Battle Profiles features 13 battle plans, updated rules for faction specific endless spells and updated points costs for all armies.

Looking to start a Path to Glory narrative campaign? You can also preorder a Diary to track how your force is getting on.

Need some new boards to battle over? Realmscape: Ghurish Expanse gives you enough space to have 1k battles and have a design on both sides. Buy two to have enough space for 2k games!

Some really cool objectives are also going up for preorder. Alternatively they’d make great scatter terrain or could be used for bases!

A new combat gauge for measuring those pile ins is also going to be up for preorder.

Finally, we have some new paints, ideal for the studio scheme for the Kruleboyz. Orruk Flesh, Hobgrot Hide and Thondia Brown are new Citadel Base paints.

Make sure you report to GW’s webstore at 10am, or visit Element Games and save some cash via this link!

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