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A Tale of Sprues (and Brews) 2021

It is an exciting time for the hobby! With the launch of the 9th edition of Warhammer 40k last year, and the imminent release of Age of Sigmar Dominion and 3rd Edition there’s never been a better time to pick up a new project and get those hobby juices following. A Tale of Four Gamers is something that a lot of gamers of our generation will remember fondly. For those who don’t remember, over a couple of months in the pages of White Dwarf 4 members of the team slowly assembled an army, chronicling their progress in the magazine each month!

We tend to do something similar each year where we each pick an army and over a few months get it ready for the table top, adding either a certain number of points or a specified value of miniatures each month. I thoroughly enjoy these projects and have personally created Fyreslayer, Deepkin and Genestealer Cults armies of the back of these.

This time however, we wanted to do a couple of things a little differently…

We Need You!!

Firstly, we want the community to join in with us! Each calendar month we want you to share your photos, your submissions or even your write ups on the forces you are creating! There’s truck loads of awesome content going on in the wider Warhammer community, and we want to catalogue our favourite ones on the website each month! We want this to be inclusive as ever, so regardless of if you are a Golden Demon winner, or this is the very first miniature you have ever picked up we want to share and celebrate it all!

So how do you share it? Well simply tag it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #TaleOfSprues and we will gather together our favourite ones each month! Not a fan of social media? No worries! You can also email your submissions across to and we’ll pick them straight up from the mailbox!

This is a celebration of all things Hobby, so we want to see every part of the process:


Just picked up a miniature you are really excited to get ready for the tabletop? Then make sure to share it with #TaleOfSprues

No judgement for naked plastic here, I’ve got boxes full that are awaiting the paintbrush myself! This is all about capturing the excitement of the hobby!


What we’re most excited to see however are your painted miniatures! Make sure to tag them all with #TaleOfSprues and we’ll pick the best ones each month to put on the website post! Share your hobby and spread the word! Again, all abilities are welcome, we want to see the love for the hobby more than ‘Eavy Metal!


Managed to have a battle with your army? Then again take some snaps and share them with #TaleOfSprues along with your write up on what happened in the battle! Our favourite ones we’ll get up on the site!

The Rules

So now on to the most important bit! What are the rules of Tale of Sprues (And Brews)? Do you have to pick a certain game system? Do you have to stick to the same faction? Do you need to paint 500 points a month? Do you need to buy new models each month?

Well the answer to all those questions is… no!

We want this to be the most inclusive Tale of Gamers we have done by making sure that everyone can join in regardless of their experience, budget or available free time! We are not having any rules locking you into a faction or rushing you to paint a certain amount of models – the only rule is to share what hobby you have been doing by the end of the month using the #TaleOfSprues hashtag or by emailing them over!

Now, that’s not to say you can’t focus on a faction and get an army painted over the next few months – I’ll be doing that myself! But without being locked into that faction you are free to switch and have a break whenever you like without feeling that you are going to “fail” the contest! Just enjoy your hobby in your own time and share them with us so we can celebrate the hobby you have done!

Our Projects

So what are the Sprues and Brews team going to be working on in June?

Matt will be continuing his Soulblight Gravelords, however with all the excitement of Dominion on the horizon he may have picked up 1000 points of Stormcast Vanguard to paint up while he waits for the Launch Box to be released!

Dave has been tempted by a Skaven army for a long time and finally pulled the trigger on his dream army! Though, rumours say he has been awoken at night by the pounding of drums in his head. We last saw him rambling something about Earthquakes and the End of Empires. That’s probably nothing to worry about, right?

Jay has surprised everyone by sticking to his new years resolution and not starting any new armies until his Lumineth are complete! His resolve was tested by the new Adepta Sororitas, but he has managed to hold firm!

We’ll show you all what we have been up to in June alongside the rest of the community submissions – make sure to have them in by the end of the month to make the cut for the first post up in July! We can’t wait to see what you are working on!


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