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Lumineth Realm-Lords Battletome FAQ and Errata

The highly anticpated FAQ and Errata for Battletome Lumineth Realm-Lords and Broken Realms Teclis have been published today on Warhammer Community. Let’s have a closer look at the contents below.

Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind and Hurakan Spirit of the Wind

There have been some interesting clarifications and changes for both versions of the Wind Spirit. Firstly the named version no longer has the Ymetrica keyword, allowing it to now benefit from other Great Nation abilities. Syar and Helon in particular both have useful abilities that would benefit everyone’s favourite flying fox. There has also been some clarification regarding the Into the Gale ability on the Spirit’s Warscroll as it was not 100% clear at what point the reduction to pile in distance applied. Finally we now have confirmation that the Wind Spirits do in fact move in the opponent’s Shooting Phase…excellent!

Ellania and Ellathor

Previously the famous Eclipsian Warsages possessed the Ymetrica keyword but this has now been updated to the more fitting Illiatha keyword. A slight improvement for the twins as they can actually benefit from the Illiatha Great Nation ability (unlike that of Ymetrica). If only they also counted as two models for the purposes of the Strike in Unison Command Ability too!

Scinari Calligrave

There has been some confusion about this model’s Erasure spell due to different wording in the various publications. This has now been clarified, it’s D3 mortal wounds, not D3 wounds.

Hurakan Temple

The Designers have provided some clarifications on some of the bonuses provided by the Hurakan Temple Battalion. The Whirling Tornadoes ability allows units to count as charging in the enemy’s turn and pile in even if they not within 3″ of an enemy unit.

Scinari Loreseeker

Unfortunetly we now have confirmation that the Scinari Loreseeker can not take any Artifacts or Command Traits as the intention is that they are a named character. In addition, if taken in the Alumnia Great Nation they can’t take advantage of the Claim the Field ability to move before the first turn.

Vanari Bladelords

The fact that this unit are armed with Sunmetal weapons has caused a lot of speculation in the community as to whether they should also benefit from the mortal wound granting Sunmetal Weapons ability found on units such as the Vanari Wardens, Dawnriders and Sentinels. Alas this is not the case. I think perhaps a different name for their weapons should have been chosen instead to avoid the confusion, Aetherblades or something perhaps?

Shrine Luminor

This is a funny old scenery piece and it wasn’t clear exactly how it would interact with both garrisoned units or those models moving underneath it. The Designer’s Commentry does a good job of explaining how to use this model in your games in these situations. Models (both friendly and enemy) may move underneath if they can fit, however if the model is garrisoned the entire terrain feature is treated as an enemy model for your opponent. I guess this means that if there is an enemy model underneath the Shrine you won’t be able to garrison it as you’ll immediatly be within 3″ of an enemy model at that point.

Command Abilities

There are quite a few Command Abilities in the Lumineth Battletome that are not triggered from a Hero, like the Illiatha Strike in Unison and Syar Deplete Reserves Command Abilities. In these situations we’re told we can pick any unit on the battlefield but it must be that same unit that benefits. This is an important clarification and also impacts the choice of Command Abilities that a model garrisoned in the Shrine Luminor can use for free.

Starshard Battery Battalion

For those with the Broken Realms : Teclis book, the organisation of the Battalion has been corrected to 3-5 Vanari Starshard Ballistas in line with the Battletome.

Vanari Units

We receive confirmation that it is possible to regain the benefits of the Shining Company ability if an eligible unit has been set up again on the battlefield. This is important as it allows you to teleport a Vanari unit and regain that useful -1 to hit later in the game.

Sanctum of Amyntok

A nice clarification has been provided which means that the caster of this particular Endless Spell can still move whilst the spell remains on the battlefield.

Lore of Hysh

Finally there is a small update which applies only to the older version of the Battlertome, bringing the list of units which can use the Lore of Hysh spell lore in line with the more recent version of the Battletome.

Unanswered Questions

I think the Design Team have done a good job with the FAQ/Errata. A lot of questions surrounding the Loreseeker and Wind Spirits have been answered and it was quite nice (if unexpected) to see some of the Great Nation keyword changes too.

There remains some outstanding questions about how we deal with units such as Vanari Wardens, Dawnriders and Sentinels though. For example does an entire Vanari unit gain the Wizard keyword or just the unit’s champion? Some in the community have also started questioning whether spells from the Lore of Hysh can even be selected for such units which could have big implications for the way people have been playing Lumineth Realm-Lords up until this point. If you’re interested in these particular questions take a peek at the Twitter feed of Lumineth fan @CV_Consigliere here for more info.

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