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Warhammer 40k Coming to Magic The Gathering in Universes Beyond

Exciting news today for fans of Magic The Gathering and Warhammer 40,000. The Grim Darkness of the Far Future will be coming to Magic the Gathering as part of the upcoming Universes Beyond Expansion!

This expansion essentially adds cards from different universes to the classic collectable card game, and today Hasbro announced on an Investor event that 3 of the universes that will be in the set are Dungeons and Dragons, The Lord of the Rings and Warhammer 40k

As a fan of both Magic and all the universes mentioned today, I am very excited to see this set and will no doubt need to pick up a couple of booster boxes! The real question on everyone’s lips is how much blue mana will Robute Guilliman cost to play?

We will have more details as soon as we have them! I expect a full announcement from Hasbro and Games Workshop will follow soon!

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