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Next Week’s Preorders! Kill Team Pariah Nexus, Kill Team Sets, Necromunda

It’s that time! What’s up for preorder next Saturday from 10am?

The main item up for preorder is a big one!

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team: Pariah Nexus is up for preorder next week.

This big box contains lots of contents, leading the way being previously unavailable models from the latest Necron and Space Marine Codexes!

We’ve got 5 Flayed Ones and 5 Heavy Intercessors.

You also get a Chronomancer and Space Marine Captain in Gravis Armour!

You also get a double sided game board and Necron scenery to make up the close confines of the action available in this box set.

You of course, need a book to be able to play, which you get in this box. Featuring rules for the contents of this book and for wider Kill Team games. The book also has Datasheets for some units.

Unexpected, but up for preorder we have a number of Kill Zone boxes packed with scenery and a board. Two of these can be combined together to make a Combat Patrol/Incursion sized games of Warhammer 40K. Tempted to get a couple of these!

A book is also being released with Kill Zone rules for these and more Kill Zones.

If that was unexpected, the next two are even more unexpected!

In a great move for those who didn’t get Indomitus, GW are releasing two boxes, Honoured of the Chapter and Royal Court.

These comprise of models previously available in Indomitus.

This gives you access to models unavailable separately, just as the Judicar, Royal Warden, Canoptek Reanimator and Bladeguard Ancient!

Finally from Forge World we’ve got two resin releases. For the Orlocks we have 3 champions.

And for House Cawdor we have Rattus Tatterskin. Loving the rats on his shoulders!

Nice busy week for preorders!

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