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2021 Warhammer Releases: Death Guard and Slaanesh Dates

Warhammer Community have posted an article today regarding Warhammer releases in the New Year.

COVID is unfortunately still a think, and coupled with Brexit, it’s affecting releases. Normally January is a big month of releases for GW, but not this year.

They start the post by saying that they’ll be taking the hit on any Brexit charges, so those into the hobby in Europe should hopefully see no price hikes.

We are used to preorders every week, but at least for the first few months, January through to March, we’ll have preorders every fortnight.

Their will be a 40K release a month at minimum, starting with the Death Guard who are up for preorder on the 16th January.

We’ll see brand new Slaanesh mortals in February for Age of Sigmar, with model images of some of the new stuff landing on Christmas Day! Interestingly Slaanesh are getting a new battletome too.

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