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New Content for Vermintide 2 (PC) – The Outcast Engineer

PC owners of Vermintide 2 are now able to purchase and play as the Outcast Engineer – a new advanced career option for the Dwarf Bardin Goreksson. We were very lucky to receive a review code for the Outcast Engineer from the creators Fatshark and thought we’d give you a quick overview of the new content and our overall impressions.

Wielding a Cog Hammer and Masterwork Pistol and wearing some amazing looking Engineer garb I think Fatshark have really nailed the Dwarf Engineer feel with this new career. The clockwork’esque pistol can be fired as a single more accurate shot or you can unload the whole magazine in quick succession if you’re in a bind. I really like the Cog Hammer which can be used like a big two handed axe or hammer – it looks fantastic!

In true Engineer style, Bardin can also make better use of bombs but the best thing about this career is the the mighty Steam-Assited Crank Gun (mkIII of course). Bardin can switch to this steam powered gatling gun and lay waste to hordes of charging Skaven. You can crank the gun to gain more pressure and replenish it’s ammunition so it becomes a bit of a juggling act to make sure you have enough pressure built up at the right time. There are talents that you can play around with to help manage the pressure in the gun and allow you to get the most out of it.

Overall I really like the Outcast Engineer. It feels different enough from the other careers, looks fantastic and really captures the feeling of playing as a Dwarf Engineer. Note, the Outcast Engineer is only available for PC players right now but it looks like there are plans to release it to Console owners at a later date. It can be purchased on Steam for £2.99.

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