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Next Week – Broken Realms Morathi , Death Guard and Bugmansson

We have a big one next week with the highly anticipated Broken Realms series kicking off with volume 1: Morathi!

SundayPreview Nov1 BRMorathi1e

This book will be leading the Broken Realms series and tell the tale of Morathi’s quest for godhood – I expect this to be the thread leading to the next edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and reckon we are going to see lots of betrayal and shifting allegiances before it’s over!

Warhammer Community have also mentioned 4 new sets that each can be taken to create Warcroll Battalions out of the book – we don’t have any details of what models are in these, but will update as soon as we know! UPDATE – These are detailed on the Broken Realms website!

SundayPreview Nov1 BRBoxes2g

The Bloodsurf Hunt – Contains an Akhellian King and 2 Allopex (Value £85)

Gresh’s Iron Reapers – 3 Gorebeast Chariots (Value £75)

Ven Brecht’s Black Watch – East to build Castigators, Lord Veritant, Gryph-Hounds, Judicators (value £85)

Kraeth’s Shadowpact – Sorceress on Dragon, Dreadspears. Darkshards (value £85)

We don’t know how much these will cost, but look a decent way of starting or adding to an army!

There’s also the amazing looking Shadow & Pain up for preorder containing Daughters of Khaine and Hedonites of Slannesh and including 2 brand new character figures!

SundayPreview Nov1 ShadowPain3t

There’s also a new festive Bugman model (Or a distant relative Jakkob Bugmansson) that is available from tomorrow until Christmas!

SundayPreview Nov1 Bugmansson5r

Over in 40k we have the next wave of 40k Blind Boxes, this time dedicated to the Death Guard, and this time you will be able to pick up a sealed box of all 6 too from Warhammer stores!

SundayPreview Nov1 SMHeroesSE3 1h
SundayPreview Nov1 SMHeroesSE3 2l

And finally, on Friday we have some cool stuff up for Aeronautica in the form of new Ground Assets for the Tau and Astra Militarum!

SundayPreview Nov1 AI IMPGroundAssets1rh
SundayPreview Nov1 AI TauGroundAssets2ww

It’s shaping up to be a bumper filled week!

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