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Next Week’s Preorders! More Lumineth! Middle-Earth Minis! Action Figures!

Lumineth fans, you are about to get the second and final wave of releases going up for preorder next week!

All of the following will be up for preorder next Saturday from 10am.

Lumineth Realm-lords

Yesterday saw half of the range go up for preorder, and next week sees the remaining kits go up for order.

First of all we have the sleek Vanari Dawnriders riding into battle…

Elves, with hammers?! It can only be the Alarith Stoneguard!

The Battle-Cattle are coming! This fantastic kit can make either a Alarith or Avelenor, the Stoneheart King.

That is not all of the preorders though!

Middle-Earth: Rangers of Ithilien

Two resin Middle-Earth minis are going up for preorder too over on Forgeworld, Gondor Ranger heroes!

AND that’s not all!

Bandai Action Figures

Bandai worked with Games Workshop to bring out a Ultramarines Intercessor, that did so well, two new chapters are getting the action figure treatment!

From next Saturday you can preorder either a Imperial Fist Intercessor (complete with underslung auxiliary grenade launcher) or a Salamander Intercessor an ornate bolt rifle.

These will be available to order for a short time, and once the preorders close that is it! You have one week only to secure one.

They stand at  8” tall and are massively poseable, with 53 points of articulation, and all preorders will be made to order and shipped out to you next year.

Going to find it hard to resist that Imperial Fist one…

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