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New Blood Bowl Boxed Game and Rulebook on the way!

This is super exciting! We’ve just been sent some images of a brand new edition of Blood Bowl! You may remember last year we shared the news that a new edition of the game was on the way after the details slipped out regarding the upcoming Blood Bowl 3 Video Game being based on the new rule set, well now we have the first images!


As you can see, it seems to be a brand new boxed game featuring a new Orc team and a new Human team along with the full hardback rulebook!


The new Human team, the Bogenhafen Barons look amazing! Cant wait to pick these guys up. they leave the old plastic ones in the dust!



It looks to be contained in a hardback volume containing all the teams and rules straight off the bat rather than being contained across a number of different volumes in the previous edition!

More news as we get it!

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